Hello Everyone, I'm Evan, the creator of JamminBible.com and I had decided to try reaching out with a new project back in May.  I was hoping you might like to share your testimony of how you came to be a Christian...so...I could give you back the gift of turning it into a song.  I know this can be a very personal thing to share with a stranger but I would like you to know I definitely understand this and WILL NOT break that trust by using your story for any kind of personal gain.  Your story is safe and unless you decide, after the song is complete, that you might like it posted on Jamminbible.com, it will be considered a gift to you.  This opportunity is made just for being a listener and reaching out to share your testimony. If this sounds interesting to you at all, just reach out and email me, and maybe let me know how this site came to your attention, and, if it has been able to impact your life, to: (CLICK ON EMAIL LINK BELOW) jamminbible7@gmail.com If you just want to share your story but don't want to be involved in the project, I would still love to hear from you.  If you would like a song but don't want to share your name with the public, I will keep it anonymous and give you a copy by email.  There is no obligation and This will NOT be a money making venture.  It is simply a way for me to get to know my listeners and give you back a gift for supporting JamminBible.com. Even if you don't know what you believe, I would like to hear from you and find out what makes you tick.  The more heartfelt the story the better.  Your story does not have to be extreme or dramatic, but meaningful to you.  Everyone has a journey and we would love to hear yours.  Thank you... and may you be Blessed!” - Evan Curtin

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