I think it's oh so Important for me to admit something to Everyone reading this...Although this entire Website is a dedication to the Bible as a form of worship, I have always had a problem with outright proselytizing (Preaching at "Sinners") in order to "SAVE" souls.  I feel that being worshipful involves humility and showing love rather than Judging, or worse, using christianese cliches like "HATE THE SIN, NOT THE SINNER". 

In the words of Roman Catholic Trappist Monk and Author Thomas Merton:

The devil makes many disciples by preaching against sin. He convinces them that the great evil of sin, induces a crisis of guilt by which “God is satisfied," and after that he lets them spend the rest of their lives meditating on the intense sinfulness and evident reprobation of other men.

I believe being a christian not only involves a great amount Patience but a Dedication to the idea that God is real and ....I am NOT Him...

Personally, I find that my most effective prayers are prayers of Gratitude and try not to get too caught up in emotions: as feelings are temporary.  just because you may not feel God doesn't mean he's not listening....and i believe He truly Cares About ALL People, Regardless of their flaws...and he wants us to not only love our Neighbor, but to treat ourselves with love and respect as we were all created in his image...as infants, needing and giving love...even if that love came in the form of a poopy diaper!!! 

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