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Check out my musical "Thank You" Live Performance to God Below:

As we are coming out of the holidays, I just wanted to mention how Grateful I am to be alive right now.  By all intensive purposes, I should have no longer been here(many times over).  This can be said, I'm sure, for many of us as we try to stay healthy during this pandemic as well as events that are most likely related to our rapid changes of climate.  This time in our history, in my humble opinion, should be a time in which we hold on to our faith.  Although these times are probably the most stressful of many of our lives, I personally feel that as we hold on to our Spiritual Health, that we are not neglecting our Mental Health as well.

This Performance below was a bit of a prayer to God just saying "Thank You".  It was recorded about 10 years ago at the Loft Theatre in Downtown Dayton, OH.  It was kind of prophetic because shortly after that things got pretty shaky.  But around the beginning of 2016 many blessings were returned to me.   I was given things I never could have imagined and some of the things I got back I definitely didn't expect.  If you listen you can hear me pointing to my Wife, Stacie, in the Audience.  We had some rough times but now we are best friends and We Joke to people that we are each other's "favorite ex-wife/husband".  We're Kinda funny that way ; )