Remembering the Reason for the Holidays.

Hello all my JamminBible listeners!  

I know with all the activities of the holidays that it is easy to lose sight of what they are all about.  With Thanksgiving quickly coming upon us(in just a few days) and Christmas becoming our next focus, I only hope that I can stop and take the time to remember the core reason for these Holidays.  It is a time for me to be Grateful for what I have and for what I have been able to become through the struggles of my life and especially for those who have helped pull me through when I might be at my family and friends.  

Let's not forget the simple things, like time spent with those we love and especially try to remember that there are many in your own neighborhoods who may not have anyone to spend time with them or visit them with a hot meal.

I would like to encourage everyone to give thanks and if you see someone in need do not be afraid to reach out to them with some show of love whether it be volunteering your time, bringing someone some leftovers or just calling them (or texting) and letting them know you were thinking of them.

So with that being said... Thank You to all the JamminBible visitors from all around the world!  May you be blessed!

Gratefully Yours,



Check out my NEW JAZZ ALBUM just released to the Public!

Hey all my Jamminbible friends,

Check out my new harmonica driven jazz album, “Just Jazzin Ya Out My Pockick Pants“ just released to the public on multiple streaming platforms and let me know what you think!

Just Jazzin Ya Album link


It can also be found on YouTube at:

Just Jazzin Ya  on YouTube





Progress on Aramaic Lord's Prayer Project

I wanted to check in with you all and let you know how "The Lord's Prayer: Aramaic'n it Jazzy" co-learning project is going.  First off, although challenging at times, this project is turning out to be quite interesting, mind expanding and even fun. The very idea that I'm learning another language is exciting to me, but not just any language, a language that is just about as close as we know that Jesus himself spoke. 

If you have been following the project at all, and have been diving in to learn the Aramaic Lord's Prayer, you'll see that it starts to get a little more complex with each piece of the prayer.  For that reason, I'm only putting out one line of the prayer each week (complete with pronunciations and translations which can be accessed by clicking on the title or lyric section of each song). 

Now, on a personal note, I am in no way an expert in the Aramaic language, and my pronunciations, to the fluent speaker may sound a bit "Englishy" or even "Americanized" but what I'm finding is that as I continue learning and listening to the pronunciations by Neil Douglas Klotz on Prayers of the Cosmos audio teachings, I seem to be hearing the little nuances that make the language oh so beautiful and interesting.  So I hope you continue to follow along with this Jazzy co-learning project and for those who haven't checked it out yet...won't you come along on this groovin' journey with me... Many blessings : )    

Learn the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic


I am currently putting together a teaching of the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic broken down line by line and chanted repeatedly to a jazzy background as to make it easier to learn...I will warn you ahead of time that although Jesus spoke Aramaic no one can say for sure what dialect he spoke.  This dialect that is used is a more modern version, collected from the works of Neil Douglas Klotz PhD., however, it is believed to be very similar to how Jesus would have spoke...I am partially through “The Lord’s Prayer:  Aramaic’n it Jazzy“ and will be posting the parts as I go, as to not overwhelm the student (you) and to allow me (also a student) to provide the best pronunciations of the parts of the prayer as please keep a look out and won’t you join me in praying the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer in a jazzy way!!!

Christian Rapper Angie B. Makes her recording debut on HipHoProphets Album.

Angie B., the wife of this lucky guy (Evan Curtin), has made her recording debut on the latest album, HipHoProphets...Angie B. lended her hip hop talent to the song OTP7. Miriam where she rapped a praise song of Miriam, Moses‘ sister, to God, in Exodus 15:21, about saving the Israelites from certain death at the hands of the Egyptians.  Though it goes without sayin, God is always worthy of praise...It is definitely worth expressing sincere gratitude for Angie and her continued dedication to growing and learning about God and His biblical truths...Angie is not only a beautiful child of God but an up and coming artist as well ...not to mention an amazing and loving wife and creative support.

Volume 2 of J.C.’s Miracle Mix just released on

Thank you for checking out, where scripture meets music...if you are a first-timer to this site I want to encourage you to check out the nearly 100 scripture-based songs that I’ve sung to a variety of styles of music and pieced together from semi-scratch..  This latest album, J.C's MIracle Mix Vol. 2, is part 2 of a 3 volume set of Jesus’ Miracles put to an even wider range of musical if you’d like to hear or download for free this Album, as with any of my musical scripture interpretations...just click through any Album title of your choice (on the Navigation Bar on top).


J.C.’s Miracle Mix coming Soon

I am currently working on a new project in which I am putting 40 Miracles of Jesus to song.  It is called J.C.’s Miracle Mix; not only because of the variety of miracles that Jesus performed or was involved with, but also because the styles of music will be should be intriguing to listen to not only musically but scripturally as well.  Unlike previous projects, ie. Blues on the Mount and Jesus Jazzy Parables Vols. 1-3, there won’t be much commentary; only intro and description of the Miracles themselves.  It should be quite educational and spiritually enlightening for not only myself but the listener as well...Whether you are new to this site or a returning customer, remember, this coming project, as well as all previous ones, are available to listen to or download, as always, for the grand ol’ Price of FREE Dollars per song....So keep an eye out for the newest installment and if you would like to sign up with your email, I’ll keep you updated with any future additions to

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